Takegawa Complete Race Engine - KLX110 [MM-974]

New for 2009, Takegawa introduces the complete +R Superhead race engine for the Kawasaki KLX110 Suzuki DRZ110. This factory monster comes in 3 displacements, two clutch configurations and two transmission options. Only available with this engine package is a factory hand ported and polished +R Superhead incorporating all of Takegawa SP performance knowledge into the most popular pit bike race head on the planet. And as always, the +R Superhead allows you four unmatched performance auto decompression camshafts to choose from. With prices starting at $3999.99USD, these factory engine packages will outperform and outlast the competition whether you're racing dirt or pavement. Specs:

  • available in 125cc 138cc and 178cc SCUT displacement
  • exclusive factory hand ported and polished +R Superhead only available with complete engine
  • 30mm intake valve, 24.5mm exhaust
  • titanium valve spring retainers
  • aluminum roller rockers
  • choice of 4 decomp cams: S-15D S-20D S-25D S35D
  • Takegawa factory engine case with added oil jet cylinder improving piston and pin cooling and lubrication
  • Die Cast aluminum clutch cover with choice of hydraulic or cable operated clutch
  • Takegawa 6 disc clutch
  • four speed close ratio transmission standard 1st: 2.623  2nd: 1.937  3rd: 1.437  4th: 1.300
  • six speed close ratio transmission available on 125cc engine  1st: 2.692  2nd:2.000  3rd: 1.578  4th: 1.333  5th:1.181  6th: 1.043
  • Takegawa quick shift installed
  • Takegawa primary drive gear installed

For the ultimate in performance and durability, trust nothing less than Takegawa!

Available engine configurations:

MM-975: 125cc, 4 speed, cable clutch

MM-976: 125cc, 4 speed, hydraulic clutch

MM-977: 125cc, 6 speed, cable clutch

MM-978: 125cc, 6 speed, hydraulic clutch

MM-979: 138cc, 4 speed, cable clutch

MM-980: 138cc, 4 speed, hydraulic clutch

MM-981: 178cc, 4 speed, cable clutch

MM-982: 178cc, 4 speed, hydraulic clutch


Note: Takegawa Factory Complete Engines do not come equipped with electrical systems and must be purchased searately

This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 01 July, 2009.
125cc4spd-wire [MM-975]  $4,499.99USD  Quantity :
125cc4spd-hyd [MM-976]  $4,699.99USD  Quantity :
125cc6spd-wire [MM-977]  $4,899.99USD  Quantity :
125cc6spd-hyd [MM-978]  $5,199.99USD  Quantity :
138cc4spd-wire [MM-979]  $4,549.99USD  Quantity :
138cc4spd-hyd [MM-980]  $4,749.99USD  Quantity :
178cc4spd-wire [MM-981]  $4,599.99USD  Quantity :
178cc4spd-hyd [MM-982]  $4,899.99USD  Quantity :