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    Latest news from MiniMob Racing-

    Grom 4V
    • We told you last fall to expect it by Spring and its here! Takegawa 4 Valve Superhead for the Honda Grom available in April! 2 valve heads can now be considered obsolete. Taking from the unrivaled success and power delivery of the CRF 4V Superhead, Takegawa has adapted all this performance to the Honda Grom platform and bundled with the all powerful 181cc 4 Valve Superhead bore kits. Dual 25mm intake valves and dual 21.5mm exhaust valves provide higher flow rate and more efficient delivery than any 2 valve head could ever produce in this engine class. Forged aluminum roller rockers and included Takegawa auto decompression camshaft puts this over the top! Also available with adjustable Takegawa FI Con in the 181cc 4 Valve Superhead Combo kit. Pre-order pricing is in effect until March 24. Click the pic to take you to the full product listings
    • Minimob Racing is extremely pleased to announce that we will continue our partnership with PMT Tyre of Italy for the 2015 season. We spent some time with this amazing group at the PMT factory in Aprilia last week. Folks, the attention to detail that you get with hand made product is flat out astounding. Quality control at PMT is superior to any factory we have visited and explains the level of superior performance these tires possess. We also discussed expedited development of some new sizes and profiles for the growing North American market as well as the upcoming launch of our brand new DOT street tire line. Stay tuned!!
    • Jan. 27 - We're back from Italy and shipping all your orders today! Thanks for your patience while we hopped across the pond to scout out new manufacturers and some truly amazing product lines that we will be adding to our lineup for 2015.
    • We will be closed for a brief holiday Jan. 15 through Jan. 26 to gear up for the new season beginning in February. Web orders are still available and all product will ship Jan. 27. We apologize for any inconvenience. Best regards from the Minimob Team!
    • Oct. 31: New even lower price for Kitaco Grom big bore kits! 164cc kits starting at $299.95, 181cc kits starting at $329.95.
    • New products from Kitaco Takegawa and PMT Tire, special offers, lower shipping fees all in effect for Fall 2014! All PMT Tire slicks in soft and medium compounds special offer - Free Shipping until the end of September to all North American addresses!
    • We are proud to announce that Minimob Racing has been awarded sole North American distributorship for PMT Tire. We will be offering the entire PMT product line of all new Blackfire tires and racing slicks and accessories. All North American Honda Yamaha Kawasaki and Suzuki dealers are automatically eligible for our dealer discount program. Prospective independent dealers are encouraged to contact us immediately for account setup.
    • Over 10000 fans on our Facebook page! Join in for the latest in product releases and updates from Minimob Racing. Click the link here:
    • Takegawa and Kitaco are hot on the MSX125 / Grom with performance parts coming out this summer. Brand new Grom category coming up soon!
    • Select Takegawa factory assembled race engines in 123cc 138cc 148cc and 158cc on sale for a limited time! Up to $1000 off MSRP, best price we've ever offered!
    • After a brief hiatus, the 125cc Scut +R Superhead kits for XR100R/CRF100F are back in production and back in stock! Easy install with no case boring.
    • Daytona Anima 150cc 4V crate engines back in stock and shipping at $1349 all day, every day!
    • We're back on line and stronger than ever with Kitaco Engineering as the sole distributor of Kitaco products for North America. Anything and everything Kitaco is now available through Minimob Racing and all North American Honda Kawasaki Yamaha and Suzuki dealers.
    • Just released - Takegawa DOHC +D bore kits, DOHC auto decompression camshaft kits and decomp conversion kits. New decomp design camshafts borrowed from the CRF and KLX series offer easy effortless starts on high displacement engines. Find the conversion kits here:
    • Looking for a custom build? We have partnered with to help bring you the best overbores and strokers on the planet! Send us your request, or hit Terry at Firepower Minis direct! Firepower Minis are a Minimob Racing top level dealer
    • New Takegawa parts for Monkey CRF50 XR100R NSF100 listed including a trick external fork damper kit.
    • Takegawa heavy duty semi-auto clutches are off back order and back in stock!
    • Tons of Monkey product flowing in so we created a dedicated category for all Monkey Gorilla and Z50. Will be transferring product listings to the database shortly. Stay tuned! Dax and CT70 category also coming soon!
    • New Honda CBR250R category is now active and filling with brand new product. Billet dressup items for virtually everything, and a fantastic preload adjuster set
    • New Yamaha Cygnus X and BWs 125 FI category with brand new 156cc high compression bore kits, Hyper S-stage kits, roller rockers, high speed variators, and much more.
    • Takegawa 158cc +R Superhead Complete Engines now available at Minimob Racing! Check the listing here:
    • All new 2012 Special Parts Takegawa catalog is now available in print and online. Tons of new products, many you have already seen first here at Minimob Racing, home of Takegawa North America.
    • All Takegawa Special Clutches for CRF50 Monkey, Gorilla, KLX110 KSR110 and much more are back in stock, along with SICK amounts of new items from the 2012 Takegawa catalog. As always, Minimob Racing stocks repair parts for all +R Superhead, DOHC, 4V Superhead, R-Stage, S-Stage heads and bore kits, special clutches and most everything else!

    • First time ever - Takegawa Factory +R Superhead Complete Race Engines for XR100R CRF100F Ape100 available in 124cc 130cc and 146cc displacements. Includes Takegawa Special Clutch and covers, Superstreet Outer Rotor Ignition and lots more! Look for these here early October 2011!
    • compenginebanner_480
    • Takegawa has just released a brand new 158cc +R Superhead Complete Engine for Monkey Gorilla CRF50 XR50 in the Japanese domestic market. 59mm x 57.8mm bore and stroke, the largest displacement available to date. Expect this engine to land in North America early next month!

    • Minimob Racing is pleased to announce a partnership with Red Baron Racing to stock product here in Canada for sale worldwide. Red Baron products are arriving weekly and we are listing more daily! Red Baron offers high quality performance parts for XR50 CRF50 KLX110 TT-R50 bikes and more.

    • Product MM-2111 Intake Valve for older Takegawa DOHC heads is back in production

    • New for February - Takegawa 100cc SCUT bore and stroke kits for CRF50/70 and 12V Monkey. Short stroke 39mm crankshaft combined with SCUT 57mm piston and cylinder kit for all 100cc capped classes. Available with +R Superhead or DOHC Superhead. DESMO kit coming soon!
    • Takegawa DOHC, Desmo Twin Cam, 4 valve SOHC and 2 valve +R Superhead complete engines are now listed in the CRF50 Monkey categories. New low pricing from Takegawa allows us to offer these factory built engines far cheaper than previous models. Get the newest technology from MiniMob Racing first!
    • How about a brand new 4V +R Superhead 88cc kit for the CRF50? Done and releasing this month from Takegawa along with a 106cc 4V +R Scut version as well. Pricing to follow shortly, and yes...all MiniMob 88cc class bikes will be running this new setup!

    • New products arrived for January - Brand new Takegawa Hyper ignition coil for all horizontal cylinder engines, TDMR23 and FCR28 horizontal carbs from Kitaco, Kitaco aluminum 85cc light bore kits for the CRF50. Back in stock are Takegawa 4v bore kits for the KLX110 and CRF50, Kitaco Super coils, and Takegawa 148cc Complete factory race engines with 5 speed TAF transmissions

    • Latest order of KLX110 and CRF50 Takegawa +R Superheads, 4V Superheads, and TAF 5 speed close ratio transmissions for Lifan engines has arrived.

    • XR100R and CRF100F owners now have a true roller rocker head package available from Takegawa. The first roller rocker head for the XR100R and CRF100F in the industry is available with 3 SR camshaft choices to suit all performance requirements. All new +R Superhead bore kits are available in 115cc, 120cc, 124cc, 125cc Scut, 130cc, 136 Scut and 146cc Scut versions. Also released are +R Superhead Version up kits for customers with original Superhead engines wishing to convert to +R Superhead.

    • You asked for it, you got it! Public demand for gear ratio choice in the new TAF 5 speed transmission has resulted in Takegawa debuting an all new Super Street TAF 5 speed for the CRF50 and Monkey bikes. Expect this ratio choice to also be available for the Lifan TAF trannys in the near future!

    • Takegawa has released a brand new 148cc +R Superhead complete factory engine with CRF engine mounts to once again raise the bar in mini performance worldwide. This new powerhouse will incorporate the 4SM or CSM +R Superhead, TAF 5 speed transmission, brand new design crankcase and choice of wet or dry clutch. See listing for all the details.


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