Takegawa 178cc +R SCUT Repair Parts - KLX110 [MM-884]

Takegawa OEM replacement pistons and parts for all 67mm SCUT kits with 178cc bore and +R Superheads for the Kawasaki KLX110 KSR110.

Cylinder kits include cylinder, matching piston, rings, gaskets, dampers

Piston kit includes piston, rings, 13mm pin, and circlips

See below for individual part

This product was added to our catalog on Monday 11 May, 2009.
Cyl Kit [MM-1548]  $499.99USD  Quantity :
N/A [MM-885]  $499.99USD  Quantity :
N/A [MM-886]  $0.00USD  Quantity :
N/A [MM-887]  $169.99USD  Quantity :
N/A [MM-888]  $0.00USD  Quantity :
Rings [MM-889]  $59.99USD  Quantity :
Wristpin [MM-890]  $7.99USD  Quantity :
Circlips [MM-891]  $2.99USD  Quantity :
Gaskets [MM-892]  $44.99USD  Quantity :
Dampers [MM-893]  $14.99USD  Quantity :
N/A [MM-894]  $0.00USD  Quantity :
N/A [MM-895]  $0.00USD  Quantity :
Piston kit [MM-896]  $239.99USD  Quantity :