Takegawa Decomp Camshaft +R - CRF50 XR50 CRF70 [MM-731]

Now available for the Honda CRF50/XR50, Takegawa SP auto decompression camshaft for the +R Superhead. Auto decompression mechanism allows for easier starts on your high compression engine with the added benefit of less stress on the kickstarter and transmission. Six unique profiles in stock:

  • S12-D - excellent street choice with broad power curve designed for 88cc-106cc builds
  • S15-D - outstanding overall performance with smooth power curve
  • S20-D - slightly peakier performance with emphasis on mid range power
  • S25-D - increased performance throughout the powerband with emphasis on high RPM output
  • S30-D - high RPM cam aimed at peak RPM output
  • S35-D - extreme high RPM performance designed for but not limited to motard and roadracing competition

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 11 November, 2008.
S-12D [MM-1878]  $209.99USD  Quantity :
S-25D [MM-732]  $209.99USD  Quantity :
S-35D [MM-733]  $209.99USD  Quantity :
S-20D [MM-881]  $209.99USD  Quantity :
S-15D [MM-932]  $209.99USD  Quantity :
S-30D [MM-950]  $209.99USD  Quantity :