Takegawa +R Decomp Camshaft - KLX110 KSR110 [MM-648]

Much anticipated automatic decompression camshafts for the +R Superhead  from Takegawa. Patented decomp technology allows light kicking to start big bore and high compression engines without placing strain on the kick shaft or transmission. Choose from 4 distinct performance characteristic levels for the KLX110 and KSR110:

  • S15D - strong all around performance and rideability
  • S20D - increased performance throughout the rev band
  • S25D - even more performance at higher RPM
  • S35D - extreme high RPM output designed for road race competition

This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 21 September, 2008.
S15D-klx [MM-1011]  $209.99USD  Quantity :
S20D-klx [MM-649]  $209.99USD  Quantity :
S25D-klx [MM-650]  $209.99USD  Quantity :
S35D-klx [MM-651]  $209.99USD  Quantity :