Kitaco H-Rod Crankshaft - Grom 57.9mm [MM-3810] $339.95USD 

Complete assembled Kitaco H-Rod crankshaft for all years Honda Grom. Lighter and stronger forged connecting rod can handle the added power of today's powerful big bore kits. Balanced and tapered crank lobes lighten overall crank weight and cut oil resistance for more torque. This is the crankshaft that Kitaco includes in their ultra powerful Neo big bore kits, and must be used with cylinders that have minimum 60mm bore to clear the skirt. Will not work with stock Honda cylinders without scalloping.

Kitaco H-Rod forged connecting rods are also available in a separate kit for those interested in installing to their oem crankshafts.

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 23 November, 2017.