Takegawa Crankshaft Repair Parts - CRF50 [MM-3345]

Crankshaft repair parts for the Takegawa CRF50 Monkey 50mm and 54mm stroker cranks from the original 106cc 115cc and 124cc kits. Factory Takegawa parts, sold individually.

MM-3382 cylinder studs sold package of 4. (2 - 194.5mm, 2 - 202mm)

MM-3383 crankshaft cam chain timing gear - 14 tooth

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 02 July, 2013.
54mm rod [MM-3346]  $89.95USD  Quantity :
bearing 2pt [MM-3347]  $19.95USD  Quantity :
crank pin [MM-3348]  $14.95USD  Quantity :
pin bearing [MM-3349]  $14.95USD  Quantity :
bearing 3pt [MM-3377]  $19.95USD  Quantity :
cyl studs [MM-3382]  $29.95USD  Quantity :
timing gear [MM-3383]  $17.95USD  Quantity :