Takegawa Indexed Cam Sprocket - CRF50 Monkey [MM-3100]

Takegawa indexed camshaft sprockets for CRF50 XR50 Monkey and Gorilla allow the user to advance or retard ignition by 2.5°, 5°, or 8°. For use with stock head, R-Stage, R-Stage EM, old Superhead, +R Superhead, 4 Valve Superhead and DOHC. Sprockets available individually or in a kit of all three.

This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 17 October, 2012.
kit of 3 [MM-3101]  $64.95USD  Quantity :
2.5 deg [MM-3102]  $24.95USD  Quantity :
5 deg [MM-3103]  $24.95USD  Quantity :
8 deg [MM-3104]  $24.95USD  Quantity :