Kitaco 100cc SE2 Pro Short Stroke Kit - XR100R CRF100F NSF100 [MM-3091] $1,699.95USD 

Kitaco 100cc SE2 Pro bore and stroke kit for Honda XR100R CRF100F and NSF100 combines the new SE-Pro cylinder head with a short stroke, 39.1mm crankshaft and larger 57mm bore to completely change 100cc engine performance. Short stroke, big bore engines rev faster and higher making them far more suitable for race applications and this one really rips. OEM CRF100 rated at less than 7HP, this kit will almost double that and looks to be the 100cc, single cam class champion. Kit includes:

  • 57mm forged aluminum, WPC and Mos2 treated piston
  • all aluminum ceramic coated cylinder with hard chrome treatment
  • 39.1mm short stroke crankshaft with H-type connecting rod
  • Ultra SE camshaft (SE-R optional camshaft sold separate)

This product was added to our catalog on Friday 05 October, 2012.