Kitaco Ultra SE Head Repair Parts - XR100R [MM-2856]

Kitaco cylinder head repair parts for the Ultra SE and Ultra SE Pro line of heads found on Honda XR100R CRF100F NSF100 Ape 100 etc.

  • MM-2883 dual spring set now includes 2 inner and 2 outer springs
  • MM-2888 single spring set sold as one intake, one exhaust
  • MM-2881 retainer clip sold individually (2 required per valve) Why Kitaco, why?
  • MM-2882 lightweight retainers are now offered in ultra strong 6AL4V aluminum and weigh in at 3.4 grams, sold in sets of 2
  • all other items sold individually
  • all listings common to Ultra SE and newer SE Pro heads
  • Cylinder head assemblies now listed separately as SE-Pro

This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 08 July, 2012.
disc. [MM-2879]  $449.95USD  Quantity :
valve set [MM-2880]  $169.95USD  Quantity :
clip (1) [MM-2881]  $5.95USD  Quantity :
AL retainers [MM-2882]  $59.95USD  Quantity :
dual spring set [MM-2883]  $27.95USD  Quantity :
outer spring [MM-2884]  $14.95USD  Quantity :
inner spring [MM-2885]  $12.95USD  Quantity :
seal [MM-2886]  $9.95USD  Quantity :
spring seat [MM-2887]  $6.95USD  Quantity :
single spring set [MM-2888]  $76.95USD  Quantity :
valve guide [MM-2890]  $34.95USD  Quantity :
steel retainer [MM-2891]  $10.95USD  Quantity :
camshaft [MM-3745]  $99.95USD  Quantity :