Takegawa High Speed Variator Kit - PCX [MM-2525]

High speed pulley kit for PCX from Takegawa. Add close to 10% more top end with this light weight variator and 10g roller kit. Also available +11% clutch center spring, +25% racing spring set, and optional 9.5g and 8.5g roller sets to tune your clutch performance to suit your riding.

This product was added to our catalog on Monday 23 January, 2012.
pulley kit [MM-2526]  $79.99USD  Quantity :
HD spring [MM-2527]  $29.99USD  Quantity :
spring set [MM-2528]  $13.99USD  Quantity :
8.5g rollers [MM-2529]  $29.99USD  Quantity :
9.5g rollers [MM-2530]  $29.99USD  Quantity :
10g rollers [MM-2531]  $29.99USD  Quantity :