Takegawa 88cc 4V +R Decomp Bore Kits - CRF50 [MM-1905]

Four valve efficiency has never been more affordable. Takegawa CRF50 Monkey 88cc SOHC 4V +R Superhead auto decompression bore kits offer the highest fuel/air intake and exhaust efficiency on the market. Dual 21.5mm intake valves coupled with dual 18.5mm exhaust valves ensure better mixture than any other single cam head available today. Massive power and torque throughout the rev range with the included 10/15D decomp 4 valve camshaft. Takegawa forged aluminum roller rockers at half the weight of those heavy steel units you find on less impressive heads, guarantee reduced valve float and higher redline. Add to this, the ability to choose from 8 separate camshaft choices to suit your riding and performance requirements. Takegawa once again leaves all others scrambling to catch up.

* Available in 2 cylinder choices as well as combo kits with Mikuni VM26 carb kit

This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 05 March, 2011.
Hcyl [MM-1906]  $1,299.99USD  Quantity :
Vcyl [MM-1907]  $1,299.99USD  Quantity :
disc. [MM-1908]  $1,379.99USD  Quantity :
Hcyl Combo [MM-1909]  $1,599.99USD  Quantity :
Vcyl Combo [MM-1910]  $1,599.99USD  Quantity :
disc. [MM-1911]  $1,679.99USD  Quantity :