Takegawa 88cc R-Stage Twin Spark - CRF50 [MM-1851]

Takegawa R-Stage Twin Spark heads improve combustion chamber efficiency over typical single plug heads. Available in various cylinder types and also with complete carburetor 'combo kits'

  • MM-1855 and MM-1856 include Keihin PD22 carb kit
  • MM-1857 and MM-1858 include Mikuni VM26 carb kit (recommended) 

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 24 February, 2011.
Hcyl [MM-1852]  $849.99USD  Quantity :
Vcyl [MM-1853]  $849.99USD  Quantity :
VAScyl [MM-1854]  $899.99USD  Quantity :
Hcyl22 [MM-1855]  $999.99USD  Quantity :
Vcyl22 [MM-1856]  $999.99USD  Quantity :
Hcyl26 [MM-1857]  $1,049.99USD  Quantity :
Vcyl26 [MM-1858]  $1,049.99USD  Quantity :