Takegawa 148cc 4V +R Complete Engine - CRF50 [MM-1766]

Brand new for 2011 is the Takegawa 4 valve +R SOHC Superhead. Takegawa has reworked the entire line of CRF50 and Monkey Factory complete race engines for 2011. New displacements, brand new crankcase designs, upgraded crankshafts, and Superstreet Outer Rotor Kits included in all packages. The 148cc 4V +R Superhead complete engine comes with the all powerful 4 valve +R roller rocker head, 20/25D auto decompression camshaft, Takegawa Special Clutch with aluminum or magnesium cover, TAF 5 speed S-Touring transmission, Hyper CDI, and port matched intake manifold.

Primary clutch design takes the stress off the transmission during the kickstart process and is available with the wet clutch setup only. Dry clutch is also available with cable or hydraulic operation. Only the secondary clutch design is available in 3 point crankshaft support as earlier models were.

Optional parts include primary or secondary type clutch and crankcase, camshaft choice, 4 speed close ratio transmission, TAF 5 speed Superstreet gear ratio, aluminum or magnesium clutch cover, wet or dry clutch and more. Pricing is for reference only and may actually ship cheaper than listed. Contact MiniMob Racing direct for current quote and pricing for optional items.

  •   01-00-9254 - 148cc, +R 4V, 20/25D, 3PT crankshaft, Secondary wet clutch, aluminum cover, TAF S-touring 5 speed, SS outer rotor
  •   01-00-9205 - 148cc, +R 4V, 20/25D, 2PT crankshaft, Primary wet clutch, magnesium cover, TAF S-touring 5 speed, SS outer rotor

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