Takegawa 4V Superhead Repair Parts KLX110 [MM-1468]

Takegawa factory repair parts for the Kawasaki KLX110 4V Superhead. Sold individually except as listed below - 

  • valve seals sold in set of 2
  • cylinder studs sold in set of 4
  • retainer clips sold in set of 8

Replacement pistons are sold in kits including rings, circlips and wristpin.

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 01 July, 2010.
IN rocker [MM-1469]  $67.99USD  Quantity :
EX rocker [MM-1470]  $67.99USD  Quantity :
EX valve [MM-1471]  $74.99USD  Quantity :
IN valve [MM-1472]  $69.99USD  Quantity :
tappet [MM-1473]  $9.99USD  Quantity :
valve seals [MM-1474]  $9.99USD  Quantity :
cyl studs [MM-1475]  $34.99USD  Quantity :
oil line [MM-1476]  $24.99USD  Quantity :
int gasket [MM-1477]  $3.99USD  Quantity :
retainer [MM-1478]  $14.99USD  Quantity :
ret. clips [MM-1479]  $11.99USD  Quantity :
valve spring [MM-1480]  $14.99USD  Quantity :
valve guide [MM-1493]  $19.99USD  Quantity :
disc. [MM-1495]  $199.99USD  Quantity :
56mm Piston [MM-1496]  $199.99USD  Quantity :
67mm Piston [MM-1497]  $229.99USD  Quantity :
disc. [MM-1498]  $229.99USD  Quantity :
disc. [MM-1594]  $9.99USD  Quantity :
56mm gasket [MM-1612]  $29.99USD  Quantity :
59mm gasket [MM-1613]  $29.99USD  Quantity :
67mm gasket [MM-1614]  $39.99USD  Quantity :
59mm piston [MM-1615]  $199.99USD  Quantity :
125ccCylKit [MM-1616]  $379.99USD  Quantity :
138ccCylKit [MM-1617]  $389.99USD  Quantity :
178ccCylKit [MM-1618]  $499.99USD  Quantity :
Cam Cover [MM-1619]  $24.99USD  Quantity :
O-ring Set [MM-1620]  $19.99USD  Quantity :
Valve Cover [MM-1621]  $19.99USD  Quantity :