Takegawa 5 Speed TAF Transmission - CRF50 [MM-1323]

This listing is for stock crankcase, and old style Takegawa HD crankcase CRF50 and Monkey. See separate listing for engines with TNC heavy duty Takegawa cases.

Brand new design 5 speed close ratio transmission from Takegawa for the CRF50 based engines. Brand new design incorporates short stroke shift forks with hardened coating allowing for thicker gears to handle the extra power of current big displacement engines. A huge increase in durability from previous 5 speed transmissions.

Gear ratios:

  • S-Touring - 2.357  1.611  1.190  0.958  0.807
  • SuperStreet - 2.357  1.764  1.400  1.136  1.000

6v Monkey bikes with A type spindle require B type for this kit (02-04-0011)

Certain bikes may require slight modification to the crankcase (instructions included)

This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 04 April, 2010.
S-tour wet [MM-1324]  $599.99USD  Quantity :
S-tour dry [MM-1325]  $679.99USD  Quantity :
FI S-tour wet [MM-1326]  $599.99USD  Quantity :
FI S-tour dry [MM-1327]  $679.99USD  Quantity :
SS wet [MM-1503]  $599.99USD  Quantity :
SS dry [MM-1504]  $679.99USD  Quantity :
FI SS wet [MM-1505]  $599.99USD  Quantity :
FI SS dry [MM-1506]  $679.99USD  Quantity :