Takegawa TNC HD Crankcase - CRF50 [MM-1304]

Three new factory enhanced crankcase kits from Takegawa for the CRF50 XR50 and Monkey bikes. Incorporating the highest volume direct drive oil pump system on the market, this engine case kit is redesigned with added bearing bracing and is factory bored in three separate models for 88cc/106cc Scut, 124cc, 125cc Scut and 138cc Scut displacement. Takegawa oil jet system is also incorporated into every Special TNC Case set providing extra cooling and lubrication to the cylinder wall, piston and connecting rod. An absolute must for high powered builds. All kits include:

  • enhanced crankcase, case gaskets, stud bolt, direct drive oil pump, cam chain guide, oversize mainshaft and countershaft bearings, and all required hardware
  • TNC cases alterante transmission shafts if using standard 4 5 or 6 speed CRF transmission upgrades

This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 13 March, 2010.
88/106cc Scut [MM-1305]  $599.99USD  Quantity :
124cc [MM-1306]  $599.99USD  Quantity :
138cc Scut [MM-1895]  $599.99USD  Quantity :
125cc Scut [MM-2495]  $599.99USD  Quantity :