Kitaco 50cc Power Pack High Comp Kit - CRF50 [MM-1162]

Kitaco Engineering has developed this high compression top end kit for the CRF50 and dubbed it the Power Pack 50. Incorporates all the items required to get the most out of your 50cc engine while retaining stock bore for 50cc race regulations. Includes 39mm high compression piston at 12:1 compression, PC16/20 oval bore carburetor with port matched intake manifold, a high lift cam for improved midrange and top end, and complete top end gasket kit. Kitaco rates this Power Pack kit at just under 6HP.

  • The Keihin PC16/20 carb has been specially designed for this application and comes with 85 main jet and 35 pilot
  • High compression piston kit also available separate
  • Note this kit does not include air filter or throttle cable, sold separate (oem CRF50 cable will not work with this carburetor)
  • Choose Kitaco Multi Adjustable Throttle cable for easy fitment
  • Choose any one of our throttle sets for use with 7/8 bars

Kitaco 50cc Power Pack High Comp Kit - CRF50
This product was added to our catalog on Monday 31 August, 2009.
full kit [MM-1163]  $389.99USD  Quantity :
piston kit [MM-1164]  $119.99USD  Quantity :
rings [MM-3334]  $24.95USD  Quantity :