Takegawa +R Superhead Repair Parts - CRF50 [MM-972]

Replacement parts for the Takegawa +R Superhead for the CRF50 CRF70 Monkey bikes. Refer below for part numbers.

  • valves sold individually
  • rocker arms sold individually
  • retainer clips sold pkg of four
  • retainers sold pkg of two
  • valve seals sold pkg of two
  • springs sold pkg of four (two inner, two outer)
  • valve guide comes with o-ring
  • Gasket A set for 88/106/124cc, includes replacement O-rings for all head covers
  • MM-3007 rocker shaft is spec Takegawa replacement with cutout for cylinder stud, only one required per head


This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 28 June, 2009.
EX valve [MM-1078]  $69.99USD  Quantity :
IN valve [MM-1079]  $46.99USD  Quantity :
rocker arm [MM-1080]  $64.99USD  Quantity :
retainer clips [MM-1081]  $9.99USD  Quantity :
ti retainers [MM-1082]  $79.99USD  Quantity :
valve seals [MM-1083]  $9.99USD  Quantity :
valve springs [MM-1084]  $45.99USD  Quantity :
cam sprocket 28T [MM-1085]  $21.99USD  Quantity :
o-ring set [MM-1086]  $22.99USD  Quantity :
cam circlip [MM-1087]  $3.99USD  Quantity :
bearing [MM-1088]  $21.99USD  Quantity :
decomp cam cover [MM-1318]  $29.99USD  Quantity :
INvalve guide [MM-1381]  $19.99USD  Quantity :
52mm Gasket A/H [MM-1421]  $39.99USD  Quantity :
EXvalve guide [MM-1593]  $19.99USD  Quantity :
rocker shaft [MM-3007]  $12.95USD  Quantity :
rt cover [MM-3077]  $19.99USD  Quantity :