Takegawa +R Superhead Repair Parts - XR100 [MM-2263]

Repair parts for the Takegawa +R Superhead XR100 CRF100 and XR50 Motard XR100 Motard version only. Valve spring retainers sold in set of 2.

This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 20 July, 2011.
head assy [MM-2264]  $499.95USD  Quantity :
INvalve [MM-2265]  $49.95USD  Quantity :
EXvalve [MM-2266]  $69.95USD  Quantity :
valve seals [MM-2267]  $9.95USD  Quantity :
rocker arm [MM-2268]  $64.95USD  Quantity :
spring set [MM-2269]  $37.95USD  Quantity :
retainers [MM-2270]  $24.95USD  Quantity :
valve seat [MM-2271]  $6.95USD  Quantity :
clips [MM-2272]  $6.95USD  Quantity :
cam journal [MM-2273]  $99.95USD  Quantity :
EXgasket [MM-2303]  $4.95USD  Quantity :
rocker shaft [MM-2304]  $6.95USD  Quantity :
plug sleeve [MM-2305]  $7.95USD  Quantity :
plug cap [MM-2306]  $14.95USD  Quantity :
isolator [MM-2307]  $6.95USD  Quantity :
washer [MM-2308]  $4.95USD  Quantity :
valve guide [MM-2309]  $19.95USD  Quantity :