Takegawa Magnetic Sump Float Bowl Plug - VM26 [MM-2939]

Functional and stylish as well! Takegawa deep sump magnetic float bowl plug for all versions Mikuni VM26 carburetors. The addition of a rare earth magnet in the lower housing pulls unwanted particles out of the fuel supply before they get to the mixture stage and possibly harming your engine. Deeper overall base helps further to keep contaminates away from the combustion chamber while also allowing more fuel to be stored in the carb bowl for better and more consistent performance. Available in four anodized colors below.

This product was added to our catalog on Friday 13 July, 2012.
silver [MM-2940]  $24.95USD  Quantity :
black [MM-2941]  $24.95USD  Quantity :
blue [MM-2942]  $24.95USD  Quantity :
red [MM-2943]  $24.95USD  Quantity :