Takegawa 130cc +R Racing Bore Kit - XR100R CRF100F [MM-1640] $1,729.99USD 

Improving on the powerful Stage 3 Superhead, Takegawa has released the Superhead +R line of bore kits for the Honda XR100R CRF100F bikes. Proven forged aluminum roller rockers never before seen in a vertical cylinder design. SR series camshafts designed specifically for the +R Superhead with oil jet technology and larger inner diameter for increased oil throughput. Newly designed camshaft holder also incorporates oil passages for greater lubrication and cooling. Massive 28.5mm intake and 23.5mm exhaust valves and progressive valve springs take this head to a whole new performance level. All aluminum ceramic coated cylinder provides best in class heat transfer and gas tightness. All Takegawa Superhead cylinders also come equipped with oil ports for external oil cooler attachment.

  • Takegawa Racing +R cylinders come with larger fins and sleeves and require case boring
  • 130cc Bore: 58mm  Stroke: 48.5mm

MFG Number:  01-06-5212
This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 13 November, 2010.