Kitaco 4V SE Head Repair Parts - KLX110 [MM-2981]

Repair and replacement parts for the Kitaco 4 valve Ultra SE cylinder head for KLX110 and KSR110. All items are sold individually unless otherwise noted.

This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 18 July, 2012.
spring [MM-2982]  $19.95USD  Quantity :
retainer [MM-2983]  $12.95USD  Quantity :
INvalve [MM-2984]  $79.95USD  Quantity :
EXvalve [MM-2985]  $89.95USD  Quantity :
spring seat [MM-2986]  $6.95USD  Quantity :
clips [MM-2987]  $2.95USD  Quantity :
valve seal [MM-2988]  $9.95USD  Quantity :
rocker [MM-2989]  $64.95USD  Quantity :
rocker shaft [MM-2990]  $12.95USD  Quantity :
valve cvr [MM-3733]  $26.95USD  Quantity :
v cvr gasket [MM-3734]  $3.95USD  Quantity :
cam cover [MM-3739]  $59.95USD  Quantity :