Kitaco Mikuni TMR28 Pumper Carb Kit - KLX110 [MM-1485]

Mikuni complete TMR28 carb kit from Kitaco for use on all pit bikes and minis over 125cc. TMR28 flatslide carburetors feature an accelerator pump to get rid of the lag in throttle response when throttle is opened abruptly on large bore carbs. Even faster response throughout the rev range than TM28 models. Full kit includes throttle set with single cable, intake, 12 point carb rotational mount, and velocity stack. Designed to fit KLX110/KSR110 4V Ultra SE heads, this kit will work with many pit bike configurations.

This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 03 July, 2010.
kit [MM-1486]  $699.99USD  Quantity :
carb only [MM-1487]  $579.99USD  Quantity :
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