Kitaco High Lift Cam Stock Head - CRF100 XR100 XR80 XL80 [MM-3811] $79.95USD 

Kitaco high lift camshaft for stock head CRF100 XR100 XR80 XL80 models provides mild midrange torque improvement without sacrificing high rpm power. Hollow design gives this cam lighter weight and better cooling capacity. Weighs in at 163 grams compared to oem 215 grams. May require jetting change. Cam timing as follows:

  • IN Open 10° BTDC
  • IN Close 40° ABDC
  • EX Open 40° BBDC
  • EX Close 10° ATDC
Designed for use only with stock Honda heads and displacements 100cc to 115cc.

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 28 November, 2017.