Takegawa 88cc +R Superhead Repair Parts - CRF50 [MM-3254]

Replacement parts for the Takegawa 88cc +R Superhead bore kits for CRF50 and Monkey Gorilla bikes. Piston kits consist of 52mm piston, ring set, wristpin and circlips. Gasket A set includes all +R Superhead o-rings. Gasket B set includes only head and base gasket.

This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 19 May, 2013.
H cyl [MM-3255]  $279.95USD  Quantity :
V cyl [MM-3256]  $279.95USD  Quantity :
VAS cyl [MM-3257]  $329.95USD  Quantity :
piston kit [MM-3258]  $169.95USD  Quantity :
gasket A [MM-3259]  $39.99USD  Quantity :
gasket B [MM-3260]  $29.99USD  Quantity :
ring set [MM-3261]  $49.99USD  Quantity :