Kitaco 4V SE Head Repair Parts - KLX110 [MM-2981]

Repair and replacement parts for the Kitaco 4 valve Ultra SE cylinder head for KLX110 and KSR110. All items are sold individually unless otherwise noted.This head is now discontinued and some product may no longer be available.

This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 18 July, 2012.
disc. [MM-2982]  $19.95USD  Quantity :
retainer [MM-2983]  $12.95USD  Quantity :
disc. [MM-2984]  $79.95USD  Quantity :
disc. [MM-2985]  $89.95USD  Quantity :
spring seat [MM-2986]  $6.95USD  Quantity :
clips [MM-2987]  $2.95USD  Quantity :
valve seal [MM-2988]  $9.95USD  Quantity :
rocker [MM-2989]  $64.95USD  Quantity :
rocker shaft [MM-2990]  $12.95USD  Quantity :
valve cvr [MM-3733]  $26.95USD  Quantity :
v cvr gasket [MM-3734]  $3.95USD  Quantity :
cam cover [MM-3739]  $59.95USD  Quantity :
valve guide [MM-3923]  $29.95USD  Quantity :