Takegawa Decomp Camshaft Set - DOHC Heads [MM-2780]

Takegawa DOHC camshaft sets for the auto decompression, double overhead cam kits for Monkey and CRF50. 4 unique grinds combined into 5 separate kits to suit all riding and track styles.

This product was added to our catalog on Friday 01 June, 2012.
D10/10 [MM-2781]  $359.95USD  Quantity :
D15/15 [MM-2782]  $359.95USD  Quantity :
D25/25 [MM-2783]  $359.95USD  Quantity :
D25/30 [MM-2784]  $359.95USD  Quantity :
D30/30 [MM-2785]  $359.95USD  Quantity :