Takegawa 138cc 4V Superhead Version Up Kit - CRF50 [MM-1570]

For Takegawa customers with CRF50 and 12V Monkey 138cc SCUT +R Superhead bore kits, this version up kit will convert your engine to full 4 valve +R Superhead. Kit includes 4 valve Superhead, 4 valve piston, and choice of  15/20D 20/25D or 25/30D auto decompression camshaft.

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 14 October, 2010.
15/20D [MM-3188]  $1,099.99USD  Quantity :
20/25D [MM-3189]  $1,099.99USD  Quantity :
25/30D [MM-3190]  $1,099.99USD  Quantity :