Takegawa +R Superhead 4 Valve Bore Up Kits - KLX110 [MM-1394]

New for 2010 from Takegawa, 3 brand new top of the line 4 valve cylinder head and bore kits for the Kawasaki KLX110. This will provide unmatched performance previously seen in the mini moto world. Four optional camshafts, Takegawa forged aluminum roller rockers, 23mm intake valves, 19.5mm exhaust valves. Also available in combo kits with Mikuni VM26 and oval port matched 4V intake manifold. Bore kits available in 125cc, 138cc, and 178cc SCUT versions. Also available are Takegawa's titanium valve retainers, sold seperately.

This bore kit may interfere with KLX110 front wheel and fender on stock front suspensions. Please refer to diagram below for dimensions

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 01 June, 2010.
disc. [MM-1395]  $1,499.99USD  Quantity :
138cc [MM-1396]  $1,199.99USD  Quantity :
178cc [MM-1397]  $1,299.99USD  Quantity :
disc [MM-1398]  $1,799.99USD  Quantity :
138cc comb [MM-1399]  $1,599.99USD  Quantity :
178cc comb [MM-1400]  $1,699.99USD  Quantity :
ti rtnrs [MM-1408]  $149.99USD  Quantity :