Takegawa Superhead Repair Parts - CRF100 XR100 [MM-1268]

Upgrade and repair parts for the Takegawa line of Superhead bore kits for XR100R CRF100 NSF100 bikes.

  • SX version camshafts are specific to Stage level and can not cross to different head units

This product was added to our catalog on Monday 01 March, 2010.
disc. [MM-1269]  $409.99USD  Quantity :
disc. [MM-1270]  $449.99USD  Quantity :
disc. [MM-1271]  $569.99USD  Quantity :
ST3 SX25 [MM-1272]  $169.99USD  Quantity :
ST3 SX30 [MM-1273]  $159.99USD  Quantity :
ST3 SX35 [MM-1274]  $159.99USD  Quantity :
ST2 SX25 [MM-1275]  $109.99USD  Quantity :
ST2 SX35 [MM-1276]  $119.99USD  Quantity :
disc. [MM-1277]  $129.99USD  Quantity :
ST1/2 seals [MM-1713]  $9.99USD  Quantity :
ST1/2 guide [MM-1876]  $19.99USD  Quantity :
ST2 valve set [MM-2373]  $119.99USD  Quantity :
ST3 INguide [MM-3199]  $11.99USD  Quantity :
ST3 EXguide [MM-3200]  $19.99USD  Quantity :
retainer 1 [MM-3413]  $14.99USD  Quantity :