Takegawa R-Stage +D Repair Parts [MM-1160]

Repair parts for the Takegawa R-Stage +D CRF50 and Monkey bore kits and performance heads. All parts are compatible with R-Stage EM head series.

  • Takegawa made changes to the R-Stage +D heads from serial number RSD-02408 and up. MM-1184 rocker arm B is for the updated head. MM-3218 rocker arm A is for earlier heads with serial number RSD-02407 and lower.

This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 26 August, 2009.
52mm VAcyl kit [MM-1161]  $329.99USD  Quantity :
52mm Hcyl kit [MM-1175]  $279.99USD  Quantity :
52mm Vcyl kit [MM-1176]  $279.99USD  Quantity :
IN valve [MM-1177]  $29.99USD  Quantity :
EX valve [MM-1178]  $39.99USD  Quantity :
valve springs [MM-1179]  $39.99USD  Quantity :
ti retainers [MM-1180]  $79.99USD  Quantity :
valve seals [MM-1181]  $9.99USD  Quantity :
retainer clips [MM-1182]  $6.99USD  Quantity :
seat [MM-1183]  $9.99USD  Quantity :
rocker arm B [MM-1184]  $29.99USD  Quantity :
cam sprocket [MM-1185]  $18.99USD  Quantity :
dowel pins [MM-1186]  $9.99USD  Quantity :
decomp guide [MM-1187]  $12.99USD  Quantity :
head sub assy [MM-1188]  $309.99USD  Quantity :
52mm piston kit [MM-1189]  $169.99USD  Quantity :
52mm H gaskets [MM-1190]  $39.99USD  Quantity :
52mm V VA gaskets [MM-1191]  $29.99USD  Quantity :
wristpin [MM-1391]  $5.99USD  Quantity :
circlips [MM-1392]  $4.99USD  Quantity :
IN valve guide [MM-1632]  $19.99USD  Quantity :
EX Valve guide [MM-1633]  $19.99USD  Quantity :
rocker arm A [MM-3218]  $24.99USD  Quantity :